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The editor expects your professional help in reaching
final decision on submitted manuscripts
Invitations to review, including a copy of the abstract, are emailed by the Editorial Office. If a reviewer accepts an invitation to review a paper, the Editorial Office will email the Review Form, the manuscript in question or a link providing access to the full text. On completion of the assessment, reviewers are asked to send it back by email ( or to visit our online submission system at to submit their comments.
If you agree to review, you are confirming that you have no competing interests that may affect your ability to provide an objective evaluation. You are committed to a confidential review process.
Your opinion is expected in three weeks period.
Reviewer comments should be provided in the form of:
  • Declaration of opinions in the Review Form at all included points,
  • Comments to be shared directly with the authors and co-reviewers, and
  • Confidential comments reserved for the editors.
Basic evaluation includes:
  • Checking for adherence to the journal’s basic scope and criteria for submission;
  • Indicating and commenting on major values and weaknesses of the manuscript;
  • Commenting on the study design, methods and the presentation of results;
  • Commenting on the authors’ interpretation of the data, conclusion and possible limitations;
  • Commenting on any ethical concerns and/or possible publication misconduct;
  • Providing the authors with constructive and useful suggestions;
  • Declaring suggestions for the editor.
Commentary directed at the authors should be expressed in an objective and neutral tone. Constructive opinions/criticism is expected. It is helpful to include an initial paragraph summarizing major findings presented, state major suggestions/criticisms and minor criticisms if and where appropriate. Numbering of comments is advised as it helps the authors’ response and editor’s evaluation. Finally, make a recommendation as to manuscript’s suitability for publication.
Your contribution will be acknowledged and greatly appreciated.